Another postcard

This flaneur is now a stumbleur on Toronto’s treacherous sidewalks. I went through 3 bags of this stuff in the last week.

20 KG. Nearly 8 bucks, with taxes, at Home Depot today

It’s expensive to “Be nice. Clear your ice” … too expensive for at least a third of residents, or too much bother. Too much even, for caretakers of public housing and public parks. (I’m looking at you, Woodbine Park along Queen.)

Empty retail spaces are no longer manned by merchants eager to maintain access to their stores. Beach Hill is no exception.

I’ll vote for the first mayoralty candidate to promise salticare.

2 thoughts on “Another postcard”

  1. I agree with you Bill. Homeowners fronting major arteries, where the City plow and salt the walks, are less inclined to do any remedial work afterwards, making them very treacherous as the snow melts and freezes up. The owners on the side streets are more inclined to clear the snow but as I have found that even on Normandy Bl. there were some individuals who ignored their obligations to shovel. Very nice people otherwise. I almost ran out of salt once and ever since I bought salt at the start of the season as there is never price reductions and glory be, bags of salt store nicely over the summer ready for the next season.

    Happy Shovelling Bill.

  2. The city left Woodbine sidewalks covered in ice, but pedestrians are able to walk in the bicycle lanes, which have been cleared … until you get to where the jerk with a pick up truck has parked in the bike lane. At the point, you have to climb over the snow ridge and back onto the icy sidewalk.

    If you make it to Danforth alive, the sidewalks are nice and clear.

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