An early Helen Andersen oil discovered


“Annabelle” by Helen Andersen  — Early 1960s, Oil on canvas

A keen-eyed shopper (whose name I won’t reveal until I have permission) found “Annabelle” in a Victoria thrift store. The purchaser has been in touch and sent a snapshot for me to see. I worked on that photo a bit to even out the lighting and Photoshopped the canvas into a simple frame.

We don’t have dimensions yet and a better photograph will be taken, but this is enough for identification. There was even a faint “Andy” signature (still visible) under the later signature Helen added. She “updated” her signature on many pieces.

My sister Joni remembers “Annabelle” as having been painted when our family lived on College Highroad in Vancouver’s UBC area. Helen must have kept it in her personal collection until her death in 1995. When her husband died in 2005, quite a few pieces were dispersed to parts unknown. It’s amazing that “Annabelle” has survived all these years. Researching the artist, the new owner found Helen’s website and got in touch with me.

I’m sure there will be more to this story.