An “almost” day

We almost got to the bank at opening time, but it was closed because last Saturday was Remembrance Day. Forgot how that works. So we went to our Apple Store appointment downtown.

The place was crammed and busy as always, but the wifi signal is exceptional.

We almost got Danica’s faulty Option key fixed at the Eaton Centre Apple Store, but it turned out to be an 8 to 12 day repair job.

We almost caught the Queen Streetcar back to Beach Mac, but missed it and settled for a bus that took us part way.

The Option key was repaired, under warranty, same day, by Beach Mac.

The trip downtown was almost a waste of time, but we did get to see the Hudson’s Bay store windows. The music is diegetic.

… and I had my picture taken in the snazzy new pedestrian bridge that connects stores across Queen Street.

Looks like a time tunnel, but it just goes to the Eaton Centre.

Nice design, though, eh? Window cleaner’s delight.

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