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I blog about visual arts, tech topics, and discoveries on daily walks in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Bill: The world is worth less without the regular appearance of your column. I would like to think that you will find some private or semi-public institutions that you would like to visit and feature, although my approach is rather more structured than your free-flowing approach. Guess what? After our near calamities, we caught the flu, a detestable one, and over two days were diddled away with not enough energy to do anything worthwhile. It’s been months since I’ve been able to materially expand three manuscripts I am working on. I sincerely hope that this period in our lives is a temporary one rather than the first of a series of quagmires! Anyway, you and Danica are beacons. Once I am able to exchange this Ford Fiesta for my old Toyota Camry, we would like to drive to Beach Hill and celebrate the appearance of Ruth’s book. Maybe at the end of next week. Irony of ironies, my older son Jonathan drives an Audi and on his way to join us for Sunday lunch at a delicatessen, guess what happened? He was rear-ended by a realtor who was driving a Ford Fiesta! Jonathan was guiltless but, these encounters leave their scars. JR

  2. Hi, Bill…
    stumbled upon your (former) blog site through google search of Gordon Kit Thorne–my great uncle on my mother’s side.

    Reason for doing this now: I’m creating an on-line three-volume set of photo books (“Where Did We Come From?”) for my grown kids.

    Gordon–my grandfather (Mother’s father; Vancouver Fire Department District Chief) Peter Thorne’s younger brother–was a legend in our family. Unfortunately, never met the man, but a couple of his paintings hung in my parents’ home for years.

    Through your site, discovered a couple of informal photos which I will include in the photo album, if I may!

    So, thanks in advance!
    Rich Mole, Calgary AB

  3. Hello Bill Andersen,

    My name is Emily and I am a volunteer at Jing Yin Temple. I would like to personally invite you to the 2015 Doors Open event being held at our Buddhist temple on May 23rd & 24th. Even if you have already attended in prior years, there are new sights and sounds for you to behold and we wish to welcome you again! When you step inside the temple, you will be transported back in time by the intricate designs created in stone, wood, and metal. Adorning the shrine are numerous, highly detailed gold statues and symbolical Buddhist representations designed by our Master Lian Xiong.

    This year we are planning an even bigger Doors Open event! We will be promoting fitness and well being for all ages. There will be outdoor games featuring a “flying slipper” game, a basketball competition, and other activities. Refreshments will be served and prizes available! For younger children there will be an indoor jungle gym. Visitors may join guided tours of the temple and its grounds. Throughout the weekend, we will have unicorn dance and chanting performances. We hope you can join us!

    For further details here are some links:
    Facebook Doors Open
    Jing Yin Temple Official Website

    We were also featured on CTV!

    We look forward to seeing you!

    • Thanks for the invitation, Emily. We have visited your temple twice and will try to make it again for Doors Open. Guests are made to feel very welcome and the temple is spectacular to see.

  4. Great to meet you today Bill! Forgive me for entering an un-comment; I’m just trying to see if this will garner me a subscription prompt…

  5. Hi Bill, it was a pleasure meeting you today and chatting about this beautifully eclectic neighborhood of ours. Thank you for popping into my little Birch & Co and the lovely compliments. I hope to see you and your wife soon, and I look forward to reading and sharing your blog!

    Birch & Co

  6. Today for the first time, I met Bill and Danica – and guess what they were doing? Taking pictures of course. This time it was outside restored and new buildings on Victoria St on the Ryerson campus. I expect we will soon see a selection on this blog. My opening comment to these photo-taking strangers was “I’m curious about your curiosity”.
    In a short while we learned a lot about each other and our mutual interests including The Flying Pony restaurant and the gallery opening to be featured there tomorrow -Sat. Mar 5), hosted by, are you ready for this… Josh Baker, my nephew. See you there around 4.

  7. Hi Bill,
    What an impressive Blog you have! We where delighted to see Paul’s book “Celebrating Canadian Creativity” prominently displayed. It was such a pleasure meeting you and Donna at Peter’s 70th birthday party. You described the evening so well in your blog and it was a very special occasion indeed.
    When you have a moment you may be interested in having a look at Paul’s website: what w3sympatico.ca/dpaulschafer
    Paul would like to exchange emails with you regarding his book. Below is his email address. If you could please send him your email address. Please give my best wishes to Donna and I will look forward to following your adventures through your Blog. Look forward to staying in touch. Nancy

  8. Writing keeps a person creative, engaged and young! I write that because writing does all of that for me plus, it’s what keeps me sane! (Hah)! I enjoy seeing your photos and also reading about your’s and Danica’s treks. Don’t stop; city restrictions on public park photography be damned! Sandra L.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Sandra. I do wonder sometimes, how long I should keep blogging but it does offer all the benefits you mention. All the best to you, too.

  9. Much obliged for the most encouraging post about my Rangoli for the South Asian Festival 2016. My aim has always been to share with the viewer the beauty and the wonder I see in my Art. I feel this creative journey I have taken has allowed me to truly know myself through other creative people I meet along the path of my life journey.
    To me the reused and recycled materials that I work with have a history. They can be broken down, torn, cut, reworked and layered until they reassembled to create something more meaningful. Fragments and layers mark the passing of time, the rituals of making (gathering materials, creating, manipulating and recycling etc.) acting as a part of the narrative of my art work and its creative artistic transformation, as in story telling and poetry.
    Hopefully I will be included in the documentary.
    Asha Aditi Ruparelia

    • Thank you for your message, Asha. Danica and I were very happy to meet you, see your art and enjoy some conversation. We both agree that your Rangoli designs were a highlight of the festival.

  10. Bill just wanted to inform you that I am installing a Rangoli at the Markville Mall Markham as a live experience for Diwali, the festival of lights and the Hindu New Year, starting from Thursday, October 27, leading up to the completion and exhibit by Sunday, October 30, 2016 which is the actual Diwali day. Hope to see you and Danica then if possible.
    Have a Blissful Day!
    Asha Aditi Ruparelia

    • Thank you for the news, Asha. Markham may be a little beyond our range, but we would like to see you and your installation, so perhaps we will manage to drive out. I looked at the transit route and it is daunting!

  11. Hi Bill,
    Today has been 10 years since my father, Erik Osterby, died. I found your blog from back then and wondered if anyone in my family had thanked you. Reading your entry made me feel happy because you seemed to know my father well.
    Thank you

    • What a treat to hear from you, AnnaLisa! Thanks for leaving a note. I am going to make a post about Erik and your reminder. Ten years … already!

      As you saw in my memorial post, I liked your Dad a lot. He was a frequent visitor (your Mom, too) to our house when I was young and remained a close friend to my father Raabye all through the years. His friendship was especially important in the years after my Mom’s death in 1995. (Helen Andersen).

      I’ll put some links in my new post and reply to you privately by email, but for the record … yes, I was in touch with your Mom after Erik died and we were able to share how much we missed him.

  12. Hi Bill,
    I too am researching family history of my husband’s (Rose) family and stumbled across your blog when researching artist Gordon “Kit” Thorne. I knew he was an artist because he listed it as his occupation when he married my husband’s great aunt Ivy (nee Rose) in 1938. They both listed themselves as widowed on the marriage form so I guess it was a second marriage for both, and the family tree indicates that they had a son named Peter. Ivy died at age 42 in 1951. Thank you for the additional information! I like your blog.
    Anne Russell, Chilliwack.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Anne. Glad you found the information on Kit. I knew him personally and he was a frequent visitor to our place when I was a kid. He was in the trenches in WWI and decided to be a painter when he got home. Not an easy path, but he stuck to it. We have a few examples of his work and we love them.

  13. Hey Bill! Thanks so much for covering our trip to the book fair last weekend. I had no idea you took all those pictures you sleuth! haha

    • Glad you found my post, Stef. I see you DO abbreviate your name as Stef(with an f). I thought that might have been Gord shorthand,so I went with Stephanie … the way our neice spells her name.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  14. Thank you Bill for being a wonderful brother!
    Many family and friends have found your site. It is sweet to be reminded of all those wonderful people who visited our family when I was growing up.
    Grateful to have access to your talent and insight.
    Love Joni

  15. Hi Bill! I enjoyed your bon mots while I was up a ladder painting the alley cats. I’ve been browsing your blog today and find it entertaining and informative. So I’ve signed up.


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