A welcome sign in the Bazaar

I am delighted to see the store at Woodfield and Gerrard Street East open for business again, and as an intriguing vintage store. The shop was Vintage Hunter before this, and before that, it was the original home of GAS (Gerrard Art Space).

Vintage Baby — 1390 Gerrard Street East (at Woodfield).

When Danica and I first moved into the neighbourhood, though, this corner held an impeccable plumbing store with stylish windows showing elegant antique bathroom fittings. Proprietor Jim Addison had a following of art directors, set designers and decorators who were very keen on his unique collection. To everyone’s sorrow, Jim Addison died suddenly, a couple of years ago.

Six days ago, Jim Addison’s daughter Becky lit up the window with her new sign. Pop in and have a look around.

Becky Addison and her mom make signature Vintage Baby branded jean jackets that are very cool. Vintage jackets, of course. You see a couple of examples in the slides, with the back panels altered to hold repurposed tapistries and other textiles.

Becky shared a surprising tidbit about that striking neon sign. It’s not neon at all, but it sure looks like it. Becky found the supplier online. Ask her about it.

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