A view you won’t see for long …


It’s the back of the iconic Gothic Revival house at One Spadina Crescent, being prepped to receive a new addition. The property is being transformed into the School of Architecture and it will be one of those “old collides with new” constructions. I like the idea, BTW. It preserves the past but allows city life to grow and expand. Much better, I think, than “fake past” and certainly better than destruction of our best old buildings.


Here’s an idea of the look to come. One Spadina Crescent belongs to the U of T and has had past lives as a theological college, a military hospital and a medical research lab. Amelia Earhart once worked inside as a nurses aide.

Who knows what the bobcats will dig up. There are mysteries. The 2001 murder of a professor remains unsolved. A young lady on a first date plunged to her death from the third floor roof in 2009.