A thank you gift

Bill Byres says thanks for the El Mocambo photo below by sending one of his trippy digital collages.

Bill gets good feedback on his art from all over the world.

Bill Byres is a self-taught artist with a natural gift for collage and textural colour field paintings. We have one of his early ones in our living room.

Byres started with conventional media … paint, glue, collage elements, on canvas and board … then moved onto the computer and digital rendering.

1 thought on “A thank you gift”

  1. At first I thought the central head was a guy with a moustache, his mouth dropped open in psychedelic awe. It seemed appropriate, but upon closer inspection, I see that the “moustache” is actually the shadow of an upper lip. What I had taken for an open mouth is the shadow under the lower lip.

    The head is a sculpture seen from a low POV and the image has been squeezed into an elongated shape. I like my first interpretation best. Wow, man.

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