A snapshot of generations

According to the info embedded in the photo, my brother Jack took this picture with his iPad Air on August 9th, at 4:10 pm.


Jack and Penny played host to the Won-Varga bunch at their Vancouver Island Sproat Lake cabin that afternoon.

Grandparents Anna and Thorne, standing. Thorne’s son Trevor is married to Anna’s daughter Stephanie, in the front. Trevor is holding their son Carson and Stephanie has Jackson, who never seems to smile at a camera.

It’s a nice picture and I post it partly for long-lost cousin Linda Ross to see. Linda found my blog recently and got in touch. The last time we saw each other, as kids, was in Surrey, BC, about 60 years ago.

The people in the photo all live on Vancouver Island, Linda, at the Victoria end. Anna is my wife Danica’s sister.

2 thoughts on “A snapshot of generations

  1. Bill. After spending a few days at a friend’s cottage on Lake Joseph, and cruising the lakeshore looking at the magnificent “cottages” and the even more spectacular boat houses . . . It was refreshing to look at a true old school cottage/cabin, aimed at casual recreation and a getaway. Also appreciated the convenient location of the beer fridge on the front veranda . . Well played !

    • You’re right on, Lloyd. A simple cabin is exactly what Jack wanted. He made it according to those wishes, many years ago, as a getaway from mod-con living. He and Penny could certainly have afforded to build a monster cottage … they bought nice place in Baja, Mexico recently and have a very nice place in Vancouver.

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