A sad story in a lovely little park

At the foot of Polson Street, a small, grassy park offers benches, shade trees and a boardwalk along the edge of the lake. The view of downtown Toronto and the harbour is cinematic. A plaque tells of the brave little girl for whom the park has been named.

polson-pier-parkPhotos: Bill Andersen, July 31, 2015.

Jennifer Kateryna Koval’s’kyj was born in Toronto in 1989 and resided here until 1995 when a custody decision awarded the care of Jennifer to her father who lived in Bowmanville. On April 2, 1996, Jennifer’s father, a diagnosed schizophrenic, attacked his mother with a knife. Jennifer tried unsuccessfully to protect her grandmother from the attack. Both 6 year old Jennifer and her grandmother succumbed to their injuries. Jennifer is buried in Toronto.

Source: — This 1998 city council document.