A perfect Autumn afternoon

John and Ruth Colombo live a couple of doors away from Dell Park. I went over today to visit and they treated me to a surprise lunch at the Columbus Centre. Thank you both! The food there is terrific.


After lunch, I persuaded John and Ruth to pose with a colourful art display in the Columbus Centre lobby. Then we went back to their patio for conversation and enjoyment of the very fair weather. There won’t be many more days like this, so we didn’t waste it.

As John gave me a lift to the subway, he suggested that next time, I might read the history now posted in the park. The photo below will be a surprise. Click the “Read more” …


Photo by Bill Andersen, taken on the way to visit the Colombos.

2 thoughts on “A perfect Autumn afternoon

  1. Too bad i missed a lovely afternoon with friends. However, the Colombo’s made up for it by sending a fun grab bag of goodies home with Bill. Thanks Ruth & John.

  2. Danica:

    Delighted to hear from you. Sorry about all the unwholesome food that I give to Bill, but I know what delights your hubby! Besides, I can never figure out what he wants or needs (besides some sweets!)!

    Ruth and I would like to visit the two of you sometime in the fall. Ruth uses her rollator very well, so we can go for a shortish walk some time.

    As ever, John Robert

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