A meeting with collaborators

Fair exchange … last week I introduced sculptor Gord Smith to sculptor Rob McBride, this week Gord introduced me to Avon Mintz, painter, digital graphic artist and one half of the Smith + Mintz artistic collaboration.

We met at the architecturally stunning Mintz condo called ELAV Nest by architect Reza Aliabadi, whose firm did a complete renovation about 3 years ago.

My jaw dropped when I stepped inside. It’s an art gallery! Paintings and sculptures are everywhere. One of the first pieces I saw was a large Gord Smith openwork steel piece, silhouetted again north light. Gorgeous. Just inside the front door, there’s a large, impressive Avron Mintz painting you’ll see if you follow the condo link above. Pre-computer work. Very well done.

The name ELAV is a contraction of the names of Elaine and Avron Mintz. Elaine gets full credit from her husband Avron for her unerring eye when it comes to judging his digital art, so there’s another level of collaboration going on.

I’ll come back to the subject of Avron Mintz art when I receive images to illustrate his work. For now, I am just showing you one piece, Red Butterfly, to give you a sense of the abstract work by Smith + Mintz.

These artists are a good influence on one another.

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