A last look at the old Massey Hall

We went to see Royal Wood and the Good Lovelies last night, and to enjoy the atmosphere of Massey Hall before its two-year closure for upgrades and renovation. (Gordon Lightfoot will be the last headliner, June 29 and 30).

I bought the Royal Wood tickets while Danica was in Australia visiting Visnja and Stanko. I figured I needed something to lure her back from all that sunshine.

We are both fans of the Good Lovelies and now I am also a fan of Royal Wood. He is a masterful showman. “Oh, shut up,” was his response to welcoming applause. “I like him already,” said a fellow a couple of seats from us.

Here are a couple of spare shots that wouldn’t fit in the slideshow.

I hope renovations won’t remove the cozy, friendly, warm, fuzzy intimacy of the theatre.

Danica and I agreed that we would have gotten our tickets’ worth, just with the Good Lovelies performance. This JUNO award winning song from 2010 was one of our first favourites.

On our last visit to Massey Hall we saw Bill and Joel Plaskett, but looking up at the nosebleed seats, we remembered our first visit, too. We saw Carlos Montoya play there, back in the last century.

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