A happier Corley foundation story

Nothing new to report on that Corley house that nearly collapsed. Still braced, still unoccupied. Another lot on Corley Avenue did provide some interest, though.


We saw a man assembling giant lego pieces in a newly-dug foundation pit. He had just started work, but I was the fourth person to ask what he was making.

Rob turned out to be an affable guy, quite willing to tell us about an amazing foundation-building product … Nudura insulated concrete forms. Canadian product, too.


Eighteen-inch tall blocks snap together, seated on a good, pre-poured concrete pad. Plastic spacers click into place and hold rebar rods in position while concrete is pumped into the forms. Drywall can be applied directly to the inside walls … no need for studs, further insulation or moisture barrier. Neat and sweet!

I have a standing invitation to follow the site as it progresses. The plan is to make a nice, little house in a space that used to hold a couple of garages. Promising beginning.


Josh is Rob’s son, I believe.

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