3D play

This is a low-res preview of John Robert Colombo’s next book, which isn’t even off the press yet. It is a book of aphorisms by JRC.

It’s 3D, so move it around with your cursor. Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. Experiment.

The thickness of the 3D model isn’t correct (the actual book is thinner), but I used a free model and took what it gave me. I just mapped custom graphics onto it.

Want to try it out? Open a free account at sketchfab.com and have fun. Google for free 3D models you can upload.

Thanks to Peter Sever for the link.

2 thoughts on “3D play

  1. Superb cover! Super book title!

    People do in fact judge books by the cover, me among them.

    Two thumbs up.

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