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Experimenting with Keynote

Keynote is Apple’s answer to Powerpoint. A friend needs to make some slides, so I am trying out the app before I try to explain how to use it. Sorry about the abrupt end to the music. I haven’t figured out how to fade it yet.

These are just sketches I do on my iPad for fun. The quirky music track appeals to me but if you don’t like it, just turn off the sound.


No bidding wars

Our friend Jolanta Hickey attended a Sistema event here and reported that the experience is impressive. Integral House was built in Toronto’s Rosedale by a wealthy mathematician, now deceased. It was designed to be his personal residence as well as a venue for musical evenings. The concert hall seats 150 people.

Although it cost 34 million to build, it is now on the market for an asking price of 23 million. I’ll bet you could pick it up for 20.

The paint keeps flowing

I’ll give it a rest after this, but the carpark back walls continue to surprise. The fire escape design keeps growing. An artist was on the ladder again today.


I think Kairo is finally satisfied with her Malala.


I’m not so sure about Malala’s right nostril (left side, for us). It’s probably faithful to the photo reference, but shouldn’t artistic licence be applied, to assert its shape more clearly? Or lose it more into shadow? To my eye, it almost reads like a wart.

Animated discussions at the Flying Pony


puppet-cabinetThere’s a second room with chairs and tables at the back of the Flying Pony Café. That’s where you will find this cabinet of stop-motion animation puppets.

Artist and café proprietor Andrew Horne lived and worked in Australia before he set up shop in Toronto. There, he was director of wonderful animations that can be seen on Youtube. I am posting one of my favourites below.

The piece is philosophical and rather sensible, IMHO. Michael Leunig, the Australian cartoonist who inspired the series of videos, is something of a national treasure in Oz.


Just a wild guess

Some time ago, I was making light of a local tagger (bottom of the post) for his uninspired name … “Jack”. I didn’t see much of a future for him. Was I wrong?


When I began to notice large ACK letters thrown up locally, I wondered. Could Jack have dropped his J and moved up to the big time?

ACK attacks are plentiful and prominent. This one takes over the much-prized utility box on the Woodbine Go train bridge … prized for it’s high visibility to major traffic, and especially because it’s outside of city jurisdiction and rarely (if ever) scrubbed.