I went for the OS X update


The download took over an hour and then installation about the same again. I am now running Apple’s latest, greatest OS X El Capitan (version 10.11). Free upgrade, of course.

I had to download and install a special “legacy” version of Java in order to keep using my old Adobe apps from Creative Suite 4. If I run into any surprise incompatibilities, I’ll come back and report them here.

El Capitan is supposed to run more efficiently, so I updated to take advantage for my aging iMac.

Everything starts with a nut

In this case, the nut was one Mr. Honda in post-war Japan. He was motorizing bicycles, for cheap transportation in his devastated country.

His first R&D consisted of flights to Italy, where he stuffed the pockets of his overcoat with motorcycle parts, transporting them home without paying extra for freight. Back in Japan, he made copies and modifications to the parts he had collected and applied them to his own machines. Some nut. “Here’s to the crazy ones,” as Apple used to say.

Mr. Honda felt that riding a motorcycle was the closest thing to flying. You see that belief expressed, even today, in Honda’s logo … a wing.

Ian liked this commercial and I do too. It is a tour de force of 3D software and editing magic.

Leslieville pop-in

We surprised Cheryl and Lloyd Cooke when we popped in to the opening of a group show Lloyd is participating in, along with 7 other artists. He didn’t know we knew about it.


Lloyd was showing two pieces from his Mexico and Havana series, sharing a wall with Gravenhurst artist David Dawson‘s vivid gouache abstracts.

The Ben Navaee Gallery is a small Leslieville art space with lofty goals. For Ben Navaee, the endeavour is a labour of love. His non-profit operation is supportive of artists, offers affordable contemporary art and opens its room for events and worthy causes.

A million on Kippendavie

We went to see what the buzz is about. Here’s what a million dollars just bought on the Beach’s Kippendavie Avenue.


Unoccupied for years, the house is unserviced and in total disrepair.

The new owner will incur demolition and removal expenses before getting down to what they really want … a lot that is about half a block from the park along Lake Ontario’s shore. The narrow lot backs onto another park/school playground.

It will be interesting to see what is built at 41 Kippendavie Avenue. I wonder how long it will take.