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New data reveals naming error

Stunningly sharp photos of the icy dwarf indicate that we may have erred, not only when we classified Pluto as a planet, but when we named it.


Difficult as it may be to accept, this is the way science progresses. New facts create new propositions, pushing older conventions aside. Good bye Pluto, hello Snoopy. Clearly a much better fit than the old idea.

Snoopy overlay courtesy of National Andersen Space Administration

Clever iron deficiency solution

Even the strictest vegetarian can cook with the Lucky Iron Soup Fish.

Of course, the lucky fish shape isn’t necessary. Any chunk of clean cast iron would do the trick. Even cooking in cast iron pots and pans will add iron to the diet.

I bet Danica can add information, from the dietitian’s point of view. Comment, Danica? I do note that the video clearly says you need other sources of iron in your daily diet, too. The Lucky Iron Soup Fish is a supplement.

A beautiful work in progress

The Leslie Street Spit has to be one of the best ideas Toronto ever had. Built entirely out of clean fill from construction debris, it has been allowed to green itself naturally.


Work on the Spit continues, as more fill is added and new trails and ponds are shaped. Danica is helping.

The Spit is open to hikers and cyclists on weekends, when dump trucks and heavy equipment are safely at rest. Today was an absolutely perfect summer day and yet it wasn’t too crowded.

Hey! What happened to the roads?

Dundas East used to end in a Y intersection at Kingston Road. Cars had two ways to make a turn onto Kingston. Now, one arm of the Y has been landscaped for pedestrians and the roadway removed.


The same thing was done where Fairford meets Coxwell (below). I like the results, Danica has mixed feelings. She agrees that the intersections look nicer, but misses the traffic flow.


Physical controls seem to be winning over enforcement, as attempts are made to manage driver behaviour. Speed bumps are springing up like mushrooms.

Shortages of on-street parking space results in parking too close to corners, so intersection curbs are being reshaped to prevent that.

Replacing Y intersections with sidewalks and greenery also makes former shortcuts less effective. The aim is slower-moving automotive traffic … not a goal many drivers will agree with.

More fun at the Flying Pony

Far at the back of the Flying Pony Gallery Café, you will find a cabinet full of odd little figures. What are these about?


Michael_LeunigPrior to his career in Canada, the proprietor of the Flying Pony had an Australian career that included some nifty Flash and stop-action animation. Andrew Horne directed a series bringing works by cartoonist Michael Leunig to life. Leunig is an icon in Oz.

See that little figure at the top, in the middle? He’s the moveable character in the video below.

You’ll see Andrew Horne in the credits at the end.