Measuring infinity

I am amused to see that my “Lifetime” status as a subscriber to the virtual private network server at VPN Unlimited is being logged.


The control panels vary in their naming conventions. In one place, my subscription time is described as “Infinite”. When I signed up, it was “Lifetime”, which is, I believe, likely to be less than the “100 Years” I started with last month.

Nevertheless, the control panel dutifully deducts months as my 100 years ticks by.

Will it make any difference?

What do you think? When large parts of Toronto move to default speed limits of 30 km/hr on side streets, will motorists slow down? I’d like to think so, but I don’t believe it.

If the idea is to make the removal of many side street stop signs possible, because drivers moving at slower speeds can responsibly move through intersections cautiously, I’m for that. In fact, from what I see that’s the status quo. Rolling stops are the norm and few people seem to go 40 on narrow, single lane side streets anyway. It’s just too fast and it feels too fast.

Sure, there are some who drive at 40 and they would have little chance of stopping for a kid or pet that darted out from between parked cars. These same people are the ones who blow through stop signs as if they weren’t there. Would they be worse if the stop signs were gone? I don’t know.

Maybe the speed limit change is a “Futile Gesture”.

Software glitch: Cannot publish images

My site went down, came back and now I can’t publish pictures. Hacked?

My Jetpack WordPress plugin sent me automated messages saying my site was down, then back up and that it had been out for 18 minutes.


 Hostpapa (that’s him, snoozing) is oblivious to what happened. A Help ticket has not resulted in a reply after many hours.

UPDATE: For no apparent reason, the publishing function has returned to normal. My extensive tests have no turned up any malware and I may never find out what happened.

All seems to be working correctly now, so time to move on.

Via Rail: Windsor to Toronto

  Windsor Station iPad shot. Post made enroute.

Main attraction: Low price seniors ticket … 50 bucks. That pretty much covers the attractions. Seats: Uncomfortable. Ride: Bumpy. A cushion of some kind is a must. I have improvised one with a rolled up shirt I had in my satchel. 

Well, there is wifi … barely. It’s good enough to listen to podcasts and even watch some YouTube. Signal strength for downloads measures under 1 Mbps, often far under. There is an outlet under window seats for laptop power.

The trip is scheduled to take 4 hours and 6 minutes and we are only 15 minutes late. I got used to the discomforts after the first hour or so, so I’ll rate the service  Not Great But Adequate.

View from Dara’s balcony

I forgot my camera, so this is an iPad snapshot

That’s the Detroit River, with the Canada/U.S. border running along its centre. Detroit is on the other side. Danica and I are in Windsor, enjoying a nice family gathering. Dara is one of the clan. We are staying with her sister Andja, who makes us feel very much at home and feeds us well. 

We even got to see Danica’s sister Anna and Thorne, who have flown in from Victoria to attend a wedding.

There’s a lot to like about Windsor. The pace is a little slower than in Toronto, people are a bit more relaxed and friendly and the scale of things isn’t too huge. The city produces good women for marrying, too.

Clouds centred over CN Tower

.. or maybe they were centred over the dockside cranes that work alongside the T&T parking lot on Cherry Street. Either way, the wispy cloud formation looked like a contrived “burst” worthy of Photoshop.


T&T, for anyone who doesn’t have one available, is a large supermarket chain with outlets in many major Canadian cities. You can get everything there, but the emphasis is on Asian, especially Chinese, products.


I snapped the fruits and veggies section while we stood in line with our wasabe, but the live seafood offerings, baked goods and dim sum takeout trays are major attractions. Our wasabe was a buck and a half cheaper than the same brand at Loblaws … and the best-before date is June, 2016, in case you wonder.

Best of all, we can bicycle there. Maybe one day we’ll grab some takeout and have a readymade picnic at the tables on Cherry Beach.

Pushing my buttons


The two Harper pins were gifts from Beach Hill neighbours. The No Jets pin we had to get by going to protests. Since there will be a big NoJets rally on the Waterfront tomorrow with a speech by hockey hero Paul Henderson, it’s an appropriate time to feature that one.

The Harper buttons are ALWAYS in season, but especially so since another Conservative cabinet minister abandoned the Harper ship today. Add James Moore to the recent departures list that includes cabinet ministers John Baird, Peter MacKay, Christian Paradis and Shelley Glover.