2015, the new waterfront begins to shine


Danica and I just attended a 2-hour status report on the revitalization plans and projects being managed and executed by Waterfront Toronto. We are impressed and happy. In fact, we already enjoy the many improvements that been completed. It’s a bicycle ride away from our place in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

The project will continue for many years because it’s one of the largest undertakings of its kind in the world. It dwarfs the more famous Canary Wharf development in London and features urban designs by top international talent. Here’s a small taste:

Not only are the park spaces huge, shoreline accesses excellent and transportation options convenient, the landscape is being transformed to offer flood control, reclamation of soil, windbreaking street configurations and buildings angled to maximize sunlight exposure.  34,000 trees will eventually be planted, their roots protected from compaction so that they can grow for 70 years. (Today’s city trees down there survive for 6 or 7 years.)

It’s probably not what city officials want to hear, but I can hardly wait until the Pan Am Games are over this summer. We will reclaim access to huge new areas, streets and vistas, once the Athlete’s Village reverts to public use. It already look promising, inviting and very well-conceived.

We have had so many lows of late, here in Toronto, it is refreshing to see the way Waterfront Toronto is delivering intelligently-managed results that will benefit all of us. Queen’s Quay will be something to enjoy and something to be proud of.

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  1. Very glad we attended this presentation. It makes me proud of my city and my city- to- be. I hope a walkable boardwalk right along the water’s edge becomes a reality. Pity they can’t get more grass or ground cover right along the water as concrete and/ or stonework heats up quickly. Guess we simply meander to Sugar Beach….

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