The phone number was given to me when I called the city 311 line to report downed telephone lines in our back yard. Try it for a laugh.

Our power was out for 24 hours and our internet signal remains too weak to do a proper post. More will follow, but damage was minimal (for us) and no one in the vicinity was injured by a micro-burst mini tornado that took down 3 mature trees across the street and shattered 2 telephone poles.

We lost a huge limb from our backyard maple, but it fell between the house and garage. Two carport rafters are broken and a section of fence needs fixing.

5 thoughts on “1-844-2255-5555”

  1. I’m so sorry about the damage. We had a similar situation happen here several years. Really unsettling. Mother nature just takes over.

  2. Bad day, yes. We took a walk around the neighbourhood yesterday evening. Our corner was one of the worst-hit, but there were any other streets closed by fallen trees and branches. Some major damage to houses and, of course, cars that took a clubbing.

    Hydro crews were quick to restore power, install new poles and open roads to car traffic, but they added to the damage by throwing logs in huge piles onto landscaped yards, breaking expensive shrubs and hedges.

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