Hmmm Depot

We’ve generally had good service from Home Depot, so we were disappointed when no roofers showed up as scheduled today. No call to say why, either. Perfect weather, missed opportunity.

My calls eventually brought apologies and excuses, with promises for tomorrow. We’ll see.

Today we discovered Brigadeiros

After lunch with Kathy Bertrand, we popped in here and Danica bought each of us a spontaneous dessert.

Smooth, chocolatey balls of deliciousness, Brigadeiros are blended with caramel and rolled in flavourful coatings. They are a Brazilian treat, named for a turn-of-the-century military politician who loved them. You can guess what rank he held.

Brigadeiros with dried raspberry, hazelnut, dulce de leche and white chocolate outsides.

The politician was not elected but his favourite confection lives on.

Kathy and Danica are in their natural element, cruising the shops of Bloor West.

Now that we know about them, here’s how to make them.

Bazaar business improvement

I like all improvements to the Bazaar shopping strip on Gerrard, and there are many these days. Victoria Whole Foods has added a nice little touch to the street with a new, circular sign.

Pardon the return of snowflakes. I took this shot a couple of days ago. I hope we are done with the flurries from here on.

Zoom zoom

The time has arrived to bid a fond farewell to our 20 year old Maxima and get something from this century. We will soon have a Batmobile to drive.

It’s not brand new and it doesn’t have all of the latest gizmos, but it is in mint shape. Perfect for our needs.

Lunch: Beach Hill Smokehouse

We’d heard good things, which turned out to be true. The smoked meat here is absolutely delicious. Brian, Danica and I were on our first visit, so we filled a butcher paper-covered tray with stuff we could share and sample.

What you see here is 3 half-pound servings of meat and 2 of the side orders. Two cans of pop and coleslaw were off to the side of the tray. The whole lot cost $65 with tip. We ordered another $16 worth of ribs to round out the lunch, and ourselves. Total for 3, just over $80.

So… top marks for the main event. Some things to be aware of. The dishes are plastic trays, styrofoam bowls and plastic forks. Picnic-style, to go with the picnic table seating. No coffee 🙁 but you can get tea and cold drinks.

The air is, unsurprisingly, very smokey and when the hot peppers are being seared, a mist of capsaicin will get you coughing and swallowing hard.

Oh, and if you stay there to eat, as we did for over an hour, you will require a complete change of clothing. It’s not called a smokehouse for nothing. The smell is pleasant, but not something you want to wear all day.

Upshot: This place has great smoked meat, plenty of character and is already drawing people from miles away, so we are lucky to have it so close. We spent more than we needed to, because we wanted to sample. A more affordable way to lunch, and the one most people were choosing, is to pick one of the sandwiches. Here’s the menu.

A puzzling bicycle bias

So where are YOU in this equation? YOU are not your brain … it is doing its thing and YOU are trying to override it. YOU feel the “click”. YOU who?

[I cut about a minute and a half from beginning and end, to save YOU time. 🙂 Couldn’t get rid of the embedded ad.]

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