2 thoughts on “View from the house for sale”

  1. hmmm…
    perhaps I should do something similar with my front yard, the monster [ and not very beautiful ] reno next door is about to go up for sale for $1million+ – would this make a nice addition to the neighbourhood while buyers are coming by?

  2. Well, Karen, knowing the history you’ve had with the obnoxious builders of that monster home next door, I understand why you might want to return a little of the pain.

    The Doll House on Bertmount took years to establish. Maybe you could just become an election zealot for a while and erect the biggest signs you can get from all of the parties.

    Is it legal to park your Green, Blue and Grey bins out front, where they are easy to put out on garbage day?

    I know you can be creative, Karen. I have never forgotten your tip about how to keep the seat beside you empty on the bus. (Just hang a short piece of string from the corner of your mouth and everyone will leave you plenty of space.)

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