Thank you, Donna Dunlop

I discovered today that my review of poet Raymond Souster’s last book, Come Rain, Come Shine, has been quoted on the League of Canadian Poets site. Donna Dunlop, Ray’s editor, wrote a while ago to ask permission, so it’s nice to see the page published.

jrc-souster-dunlopLeft to right: John Robert Colombo, Raymond Souster, Donna Dunlop
[Raymond Souster photo by Donna Dunlop]

John and Donna were among those who spoke at the ceremony naming the “Souster Steps” in “Lollipop Park” in 2014. That’s when I took their photos. They also made possible a memorable visit with Raymond Souster, not long before his death. He was an artist … the real deal.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Donna Dunlop”

  1. Hey Bill,
    Perhaps that story came full circle and found its way back to you for a reason…thought of writing poetry? A memoir? Hmm.
    I wrote an article last year regarding Syrian refugees … and I came across another article (see link below) taking an excerpt out of my Syrian piece and introducing me as a ‘Cree activist..’ Hah! Me? An activist? Hah! Too much.
    I have to admit It’s a good feeling to know strangers read some of my stuff.
    BTW: I plan on reading Souster’s (sow-ster), ‘Come Rain, Come Shine’ specifically due to your previous review and this reminder post. Thanks for writing. Take care.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sandra. It’s always good to hear from you. Your piece on the Syrian refugees is excellent and I love your perspective. In fact, it is particularly poignant to me because my ancestors include Icelandic settlers in Manitoba. They would not have survived their first winter without the legendary help of Chief John Ramsay … and I wouldn’t exist.

      In case people don’t find the link to your article in my comments section, I plan to include it in a post about John Ramsay, some time on the next few days. I don’t have a lot of readers, but the more people who get your take on the refugee situation, the better.


  2. I followed the first link you provided (grave) then clicked a link in the piece which, led me to Icelandic poet, Guttormosson. Is the Cosmos calling out to you Bill?

    I read your piece ‘Seconds’ – that’s my life (at least when I was searching for a job)! Resume is just not good enough, separated out but – is not rejected. As they keep on file for six months – in case something opens up don’t you know? LOL. I’m looking forward to reading your piece on Ramsay. Take care. Sandra

  3. Hi Bill,

    I’d be delighted to receive a photo credit for the picture I took of Raymond Souster that features in this trio of photos. The League of Canadian Poets used it and attributed it to moi.



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