South Asia Festival 2018

My blog was offline, but Danica and I were still out there, enjoying Toronto. Last weekend was street-closure time in Little India. We went first on Saturday evening, after the heat of the day subsided a little.

My first impression was that there were fewer attractions than in past years, but the main things missing were carney rides and booths. The core parts, South Asian street eats, music and dancing, were all still there.

From left: Janet, Danica, Kathleen. Photo by Ashim.

Danica returned Sunday, in the too-hot-for-me midday, and did the whole strip again with Kathleen, Janet and her friend Ashim. Recent arrival Sanagan’s Meat Locker met with Kathleen’s full approval. The familiar sari shops, spice stores and restaurants continue to be important draws. Little India has become a more cosmopolitan Bazaar, but the South Asian flavour remains strong.

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