Matt Wood at Gerrard Art Space

matt-woodMy picture just gives you the flavour of Wood’s work, rather than reproducing individual pieces. Better to see them on the walls.

Matt Wood is the artist on display at Gerrard Art Space right now. It’s a big, colourful exhibit of textured, layered paintings on plywood. Sixteen of the pieces were sold on the day of his recent opening.

I can’t think of painted work on plywood without thinking of Paterson Ewen, who probably did most to make the material acceptable as a fine art medium. I don’t know if Wood was influenced, but he doesn’t gouge into the plywood the way Ewen did. Just as well. I can’t look at Ewen’s plywood without feeling splinters and slivers.

Wood’s exhibit pieces differ from Ewen’s in many ways. They are not monumental in scale and they are not representational, although some titles suggest subjects.

GAS-members-wallA small back wall features works by the GAS members, each of whom have their own style.

GAS is the brainchild of Joanne Filletti who is also one of the artists. There are 14 artist members at present. Artists pay a fee to join and gain guaranteed exhibit time. They can also participate in group shows. Fees on sold work are a minuscule 5%. The works I’ve seen on display have always been very affordably priced.

The art space is a busy place. An email newsletter keeps me aware of musical concerts, workshops and classes, for adults and for children.