Last show of the year at GAS

I bought a drawing by Joanne Filletti.

After the big Members Show, GAS closes from December 23 to January 8, so this is a good time to get in and see your favourite artists’ works.

Gerrard Art Space
1475 Gerrard Street East 
Hours: Wed-Sun 2pm-7pm/Mon-Tues CLOSED

There was a special treat for me when I visited today. I got to talk with Matt Wood, a longtime member of GAS and one of this show’s participants. When I mentioned that I liked to visit artist’s studios even more than galleries, he invited me to see his. It’s directly below the GAS gallery on the main floor!

While the ceiling isn’t high, Matt has plenty of room for his large works. The studio is well organized.

Matt Wood is a master of textures and layers who works freely and intuitively. I appreciate what a lot of work really goes into producing art that is not “overworked”. The last thing he wants is something that looks contrived. Don’t worry. It doesn’t.

I have thought of Wood’s palette as being dominated by muted, naturalist colours, but he has works on the go that are brighter and bolder in colour. He showed me some lively looking collages that surprised me with their patterns and compositions. They have energy and balance that Wood kind of evolves into existence. I think they could be looked at for a long time and they would continue to offer satisfaction.