Greenley is growing on me

Styx & Stones 3: Ravens, Goddesses & Trees. All works mixed media on reclaimed wood & stone by Jyne Greenley. Oct 24-Nov 11, reception 3-6 pm Oct 27.

Mixed media on stone tiles

Jyne Greenley’s work is distinctively recognizable, a quality I always appreciate, but I wasn’t grabbed by it instantly. Her landscapes affected me the same way Southern Ontario’s landscape did, when I first arrived here from B.C., over 40 years ago. West coast mountains and sea were much more spectacular.

Slowly, I came to appreciate my Ontario surroundings and so it has been with Greenley’s almost doggedly undecorative scenes. Her ravens haunt.

Our permanent collection at home. Greenley fridge magnets each 2″x2″ on stone tile

Ravens appear frequently in Greenley art. They are probably my favourite bird. Tricksters. Cocky smart. Oddly, these are the same traits I dislike in politicians.

Jyne Greenley also has an affinity for natural form, material and texture. Her current show includes large pieces on sawn, live-edge boards. She is displaying some twig-topped sculptures formed from birch bark, too.

The pieces I respond to most seem stoic. Not pleasant, but honest. Nature without human presence, let alone human technology or fabrication.

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