Gerrard Art Space: The Drawing Show

I like open-call shows and I like drawing shows, so the Saturday reception was a happy time for me. Lots of variety, in technique, subject matter, media and conception.

It was a first Toronto showing of work by Bethany Davis, so let’s start a slide show with her. The two big drawings are in graphite and I’ll make no attempt to reproduce their fine detail. You’ll have to go the show to see them properly.

 We got reacquainted with Elizabeth Forrest and learned that her career is branching away from block printing. A large graphite drawing on usukuchi paper is a step along that path.

Marsha Wineman transforms original figure drawings (which I like in their own right, for their simplicity) into textile pieces that are a delight to see and impossible to photograph. The ground is an open-weave fabric onto which freehand lines are sewn by machine. Light goes through the pieces, casting shadows that add dimension.

An artist I didn’t get to meet, Carole Milon, was showing 4 abstract drawings that I liked very much. Danica liked the little gems by Melika Hashemi, saying they reminded her of cloisonné enamels.

There is plenty more to see, so you’ll have your own favourites, and if you want to take one home, a few hundred dollars will buy the most expensive ones. You can get some of the originals for under 50 dollars!

Last note … a compliment to Joanne Filletti for pulling off another worthwhile event at the ever-more-interesting Gerrard Art Space, and a thank-you to Joanne for introducing us to Annette Hansen, owner of the Cobalt Gallery. Annette’s pottery studio has been going now 13 years on Kingston Road. I watched a good video online about a senior adult woman learning pottery at the Cobalt Gallery, but I’m darned if I can find it.