Elizabeth Forrest: Wild Shores

I missed the reception yesterday, so I was fortunate that Elizabeth Forrest was at the Gerrard Art Space when I got there today. I was able to ask some questions and tell the artist in person that I admire the work she is showing.


On exhibit are 26 handmade Japanese woodblock prints on rice paper, one priced as low as $75 but most a bit more, in the $100 to $300 range, and up from there to $900. Reasonable, considering the quality of the works and the fact that editions are very small. Some are framed, some without frames.

The show’s Wild Shores theme relates to natural subjects; land, sea, sky, trees, rocks, grasses and simple clapboard buildings. There is nothing sentimental about the way they are handled and the colours are restrained and sophisticated, not garish. One would never tire of them. I kept thinking, “intelligent” and “smart”. The craft is apparent … sure but not showy.

Elizabeth Forrest’s 40 years of printmaking experience and training, beginning here at OCAD and including 11 years in Japan, have enabled her to create works that are local and familiar, on one hand, timeless and universal on the other.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Forrest: Wild Shores”

  1. Hi Bill, It was very nice to meet you and I had no idea at the time that i would be the subject of a blog post. I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog and would be happy to get to know it better. Thank you so much for your complimentary observations and comments. Elizabeth

    • The pleasure was mine, Elizabeth. I just got back from a second visit to GAS, for a more leisurely look at your pieces. I particularly liked that you put up one of the “blocks” and a print that was taken from it.

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