Shaman of Shape

I enjoyed a visit to Gord Smith’s studio/condo today, sorting out some email problems on his iPad and getting a look at his ever-changing collection of art objects.

Everywhere you look … sculptures, paintings, drawings, constantly being rearranged and changed.

Today I saw these variations in cube/tetrahehron pieces; maquettes for much larger pieces. It’s astonishing how many works of art Gord Smith can wring out of just these two shapes.

Left: A maquette is progress that plays with different finishes. It still has green masking tape on it.

Gord told me there’s an event to know about coming up on June 21st at the Emily Harding Gallery. I went to the website for information and found a surprise.

Clip taken from the Emily Harding Gallery website’s background video.

Here is the Emily Harding URL with the whole intro video. I enlarged Danica and me in my little clip. We are pleased to be seen at one of the shows there. It was the Full Circle show last November, featuring work by Gord Smith, Sylvia Singer and Robert Downing.

I found no info about the June 21st event, so I rely on Gord to fill me in.

The end of bag milk?

Could the promised 2021 federal ban on single-use plastic packaging really spell the end of this?

There’s a weasel word [harmful] in the announcement, so a political out if needed.

A real solution needs to be nationwide — we need to cover all of Canada with this decision — and that’s why the federal government is moving forward on a science-based approach to establishing which harmful single-use plastics we will be eliminating as of 2021.

Justin Trudeau

I have never liked bag milk, even though it’s cheap and light to carry. If it goes, I wonder what will take its place.

Fenton’s Leek and Stilton Soup

Your Royko Recipe for June, 2019

Fenton’s Leek and Stilton Soup
A wonderful soup from the late, much-lamented Fenton’s restaurant in Toronto.
Serves 4 to 6.
This is essentially a leek and potato soup. The crumbled Stilton, however, adds a richness and a slightly tangier taste than is usual.

2 cup peeled, diced potatoes
2 tbl. chopped fresh Italian parsley
5 cups chicken stock
4 medium leeks
1 clove crushed garlic
1/4 cup butter
1 tsp. lemon juice
freshly grated nutmeg
white pepper
1/4 cup table cream [opt.]
1/2 lb. crumbled Stilton Cheese

Bring chicken stock and potatoes to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer. Meanwhile, wash and chop white part of leeks with 3 inches of green and chop. Sauté in butter with garlic until limp. Add to simmering potatoes with parsley and lemon juice. Simmer until leeks and potatoes are tender.

Purée mixture in a food processor using the steel blade. Add nutmeg, salt, white pepper and cream. Heat thoroughly but do not boil. Serve garnished with some crumbled Stilton in each bowl.

Rainy day reverie

Detail of Man in a Bowler Hat by Rene Magritte

My face, I don’t mind it, for I am behind it; 
It’s folks out front get the scare.

One of the many pleasures of advanced years is rummaging through musty memories while shaving. Above is a fragment of a limerick, slightly improved by time and error. It would never have been written in this Age of Selfies, but I still like it.

Presto: Art run to Cutts Gallery

Peter Bartosh And I made a perfect Prestocard loop, riding the subway for speed from Main Station to Dundas West Station, then walking down Roncesvailles to the Christopher Cutts Gallery.

Now showing are big, colourful, non-objective canvasses recently produced right here, above the gallery, by visiting Spanish painter José Manuel Ciria.

After briefly pondering “What is art?”, Mr Bartosh made some insightful remarks about the power of such work and marvelled at the $10,000 – $40,000 price range.

It’s a good show, and Ciria’s compositions display a lot of variety while keeping consistent to the “period” he is currently in. I saw tremendous skill and experience in his way with paint … and who doesn’t love bold, Spanish colour?

Since it is right next door, we took the opportunity to look in on the Olga Korper Gallery, too. Paintings by John Brown are up. The gallery itself is also something to see.

Olga Korper Gallery, showing John Brown

At the end of Morrow Avenue, where both galleries live, the 506 streetcar picked us up and delivered us back to Main Station. Not only did that provide window seats for a tour of College Street and Little Italy, we made the circuit within the 2-hour time allowance. One charge each on our Presto cards. 🙂

Another bonus

I love the chunky pieces in a big mosaic outside a glass store on Dundas West
It’s huge, but looks best up close, I think. The setting doesn’t do a lot for it.
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