Yes to YAYA

YAYA is eggs in Serbian. Greek too, maybe? The owner is Greek, I was told. Danica taught me to say bacon y yaya. Neither of us know the Serbian word for bacon.

Danica and I have often wondered about the place, when we have passed the sign.

Peter Bartosh and I popped in for lunch today, with pleasing results. I had the standard YAYA breakfast (two free-range eggs, bacon. organic bread and hash browns. $12). Peter wanted gluten-free and got the Vegan Benedict. ($14)

“Take a picture,” said the gentleman in a dark suit and tie, when he presented our plates.

The coffee is good, too. YAYA. On Queen East near Jones, in Leslieville

Public Service Announcement

“Please do not post photos like this on the internet”. Message delivered by an angry-looking driver as I squatted with my camera before the Crazy Dollhouse.

This shot was already on the internet, so …

Curious, I asked why. The driver explained that the house was an eyesore and that bylaws were being broken. How the internet figures in this remains unclear to me.

The cast of characters changes constantly … an active crime scene.

Please don’t look. I think the Mickey Mouse may be in violation of copyright.

The photo I was taking at the time of the drive-by admonishment.

Watching the watchers

News of Torontonian resistance to Sidewalk Labs (Google/Alphabet) planning secrecy has reached across the world. Perhaps we will not be pushovers for digital colonization. We might even become innovators in policy and legislation around data collection.

What are they up to? Surveillance? Land grab? Tax grab? Lab rattery? Or just wonderful, secret stuff?

Danica and I attended the first meeting of #BlockSidewalk and I’m glad we did. If you would like to be informed of the issues as they are revealed, here’s a link to subscribe for email updates.

Very local interest

The new Morning Parade coffee bar is coming to Beach Hill, on Upper Gerrard near Woodbine, across from the Budapest Restaurant.

New faces are painted by the front door. Unsmiling. They have not had their coffee yet.

I am happy to see new business on the street. I hope new owners soon reopen Zante Bistro next door, too. Good Time Coffee on the corner will continue to prosper. Different coffee clientele. More businesses should mean more street life and more customers for everyone.

Spot the new faces? A big white space awaits MORNING PARADE signage, surely soon to come.

Gem or not?

Has anyone else tried streaming TV shows using CBC Gem? My first impression was, “It’s not worth it. Too many commercials”. We’ve been spoiled, recording TV shows so we can fast-forward through the ads.

The Gem player doesn’t allow fast-forwarding, to please advertisers, but we remember our old TV habits. Mute the commercials and do something else until they are over. Make a cup of coffee or check your email.

We don’t subscribe to cable TV. Can you fast-forward through commercials on cable? We can on antenna TV, if we pause a program and watch after it has been on for 10 minutes.

More Bill Byres

John Robert Colombo expressed an interest in seeing more Bill Byres art and Bill has provided some. Here are three that I can “slideshow” easily, because they are all in a square format.

Click any slide to see a larger image. The one with a black border was a smaller file than the others.

Bill Byres has kindly provided more examples, which I will display in future posts.

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