A lovely Sunday afternoon

I bungled my attempt to attend the reception at the Gerrard Art Space Drawing Show yesterday … by forgetting that yesterday was Saturday. It’s a hazard of retired life. Days do not come with labels.

GAS founder Joanne Filletti kindly understood and said that a less crowded day would be easier for art viewing. Danica and I went over today. It’s a good show, lots of variety and work by Gas members and non-members. Carole Milon, Olga Philip, Joanne Filletti, Marsha Wineman and Dana Green have all been subjects of earlier posts. Above, I am looking at Nancy Oakes drawings. We hadn’t seen her work before and we both liked it.

Prices are affordable enough to put original art within most people’s reach. Some are framed, ready to hang, others ready to frame to taste.

After the Drawing Show, we went next door and listened to R. Shelley sing and play acoustic guitar while we had coffee. Bonus: Artist Fred Franzen was already there with a friend. Best wishes for the New Year all around. Is this a good neighbourhood, or what?

2 thoughts on “A lovely Sunday afternoon”

  1. That’s funny Bill. We missed you at the opening but you connected with another Franzen instead. Happy New Year. See you in the hood!
    PS Please tell Danica her Christmas cookies were delicious.

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