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Developer inukshuk and mountain bike


These two shots demanded to be vertical, so I’m putting them up together. Left: A highrise inukshuk made of cinder blocks. Right: My bike atop a rubble bank on the Spit’s shore.

We clambered down that bank to candleholder heaven. The Spit is completely manmade, using clean construction fill. Water and sand erode the materials into sculpture. Bricks can hold tea candles if their holes have grown big enough. They break apart, making holders for singles, pairs, triples and so on.


If you go hunting, remember to choose pieces with flat bottoms, so they sit well.

Boring day at the beach


Danica and I saw this thing from the Leslie Spit today. It is boring test holes for an Ashbridges Bay Outfall Project. “Outfall”, eh? I have to look that up.

The rig is called a jack up barge and it’s been there since July, making the lake test holes. Land holes are also required. I wonder if that was the source of all the pile-driver banging I heard down there, last winter.

Anyway, the barge has created a couple of Reddit threads, and some joking. Here and here.

How I found Samo Tako

It started with an Oh-No-Really? moment when I saw this ad on a web page about liquid vinyl. (At the very bottom of the page, appropriately)


At first I took it to be a fake, but it looks like Burger King really did this. Has sexist advertising become even more stupid than it was in the bad old days? I went looking for examples from the past and found this on the Samo Tako blog.


It turns out, the Burger King ad was real and but out of Singapore in 2009. Corporate headquarters had nothing to do with it. Says something about Singapore, though.

I already knew about General Motors. I wonder if it has changed since I worked on the account in the last century.

The upside was finding the Samo Tako blog … and she’s in Toronto, too.

[Update] I was taken in … not by the BK ad, but by the GM ad. It has been doctored. Here’s the original. Samo Tako didn’t say the fake was real. She just posted it and said nothing at all.


BuskerFest coming to local park

I’ll admit I’m disappointed the Toronto’s BuskerFest will be penned up in Woodbine Park this year, not doing its thing on downtown streets. Admission will be by donation … any amount or no amount will do … it’s not a “pay-or-stay-away” event like some Woodbine Park ventures. Funds raised go to Epilepsy Toronto.

When I walk over to the park this year, I’m sure the buskers will be as able as always. What I’ll be looking to see is how much atmosphere the event retains. Will it just be another charity event selling T-shirts and souvenirs, with the usual food trucks raking in cash? Will it be predictable and sanitized, or will some buskerly seediness and edginess prevail?

BuskerFest 2016, September 2 – 5, Woodbine Park.

Too hot, too humid, too long

What happened to those big, continental waves that are supposed to bring us temporary relief from August’s sultry weather? Shouldn’t those hot, sticky air masses from the south give way occasionally to cooling forces from the north?

watersideThe beach at Ashbridges Bay on a weekday … an escape for some.

This year, the heat has been ridiculous … and August’s weather moved in early, adding a large part of July.

shade-vs-volleyballShade is more sought-after than exercise. Volleyballs pop up rarely.


The best things about this August are fans and air conditioning … and the fact that September is not far off.

Newly benched Beach Hill

The developer of Beach Hill Residences at the corner of Woodbine and Gerrard has funded the placement of attractive street furniture along the Gerrard retail strip. City crews just installed them.

new-benchesSmokers are finding these good places to sit and watch the world go by.

I counted at least 14 new benches. There may be more. They come in two styles, with and without backs. The colour was chosen by the Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association. I like it.


With its planted tree wells tended by volunteers and storekeepers, and now its benches, Upper Gerrard looks quite inviting.

[Update] Bench installation continues. We will eventually have 24 of them along the Upper Gerrard retail section.

Praise for the Vintage Hunter

I have decided to forgive Debbie Facey for miming the World’s Smallest Violin when I mentioned that I would be working on the house while Danica was away in Victoria. (I wasn’t whining, Debbie.) 🙂


OK, that’s out of the way. On to Debbie’s good news story. Local news reporter Joanne Doucette spotted rare Huron mocassins in Debbie’s Vintage Hunter store in the Bazaar. We awoke to the clock-radio news on CBC this morning. Here is Joanne’s write-up.

When Ms Doucette offered to return the find to the Wendat people, Debbie gave them immediately. Now the moccasins are in the Huron-Wendat Museum in Quebec. Nice outcome. Nice work by Joanne Doucette, too.