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Time well spent

Gord Downie’s time well spent. All the creative people and family members time well spent. Your time well spent, if you can be still long enough.

Gord Downie’s The Secret Path

I suggest watching full screen, maybe with headphones to pick up some of the lyrics. You can remove the annoying Subscribe button by opening the video player settings and sliding Annotations to “off”.

Stefan Berg: Project Gallery

The Works on Paper show opened last Thursday, but we couldn’t make it until this weekend. In particular, we wanted to see linocuts by Stefan Berg. He has 6 artist’s proofs on display, most bearing sold stickers already.

project-galleryProject Gallery in Leslieville, beside Ben Navaee Gallery where Lloyd Cooke has shown.

Mr Berg was in good company … and plenty of it. The walls are packed, floor to ceiling, with a wide range of styles and subjects.


Works are priced to be affordable … many in the 200 to 300 dollar range, some well under $100.

bill-upstairsUp a fews stairs at the back of the gallery, more walls of art.

While the art scene around Leslieville is really taking hold, there is a spirit of cooperation rather than competition. Compliment  Leslievillagers on the vibrancy of their area and they often cite the Gerrard Street Bazaar as another east end  spot that’s taking off.

Direct Flight to clothes and coffee

Danica and I stopped for coffees at Any Direct Flight in Leslieville yesterday. I mentioned the place a little while ago, but I learned more on this visit.

  As you see, the ambience is relaxed, with plenty to look at; not just the many racks of clothes, but paintings, textures and vintage furnishings. Lovely atmosphere to enjoy a coffee and conversation with the congenial proprietor, Margot.

She pointed out a comfortable room at the back that I had completely missed … the one with the cowhide rugs and couches. Being so close to the Studio District, it’s great for film production meetings.

Next time I’m in, I must ask how the name Any Direct Flight came to be. Or maybe there’s a clue on the Facebook page.

Find the Leslieville mural

I put it in the middle of the picture, so you wouldn’t miss it …

leslieville-muralThe new Leslieville mural

Street artist Elicser was commissioned to repaint the old mural. This one went up last month and is expected to last about 5 years.

The subject matter includes historical “musts” such as the Maple Leaf Forever tree (that almost certainly was not the tree that actually inspired the patriotic song). We have a souvenir of the tree that didn’t inspire Alexander Muir. The tree blew down in a storm and a police constable let some of us at it.

old-muralThe old mural

Elicser kept the look of the earlier mural’s Leslieville lettering. Streetwise to what happens to faces painted low on walls, he has moved his character up, out of easy reach.

Fire and Water interludes

Our first fireplace of the season, with music from the Free Music Archive, Philipp Weigl — The Scent of Cedars

The movie is a little thin on plot. Title: Roasting iPad by an Open Fire.

And now the water part ,,, a lovely song sent by Joni who says, “Doreen and her grandson, Mashkoonce, give permission for everyone to share this song… sing it to the water every day.”

Ne-be Gee Zah- gay- e- goo
Gee Me-gwetch -wayn ne- me — goo
Gee Zah Wayn ne- me- goo