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Shuttle to lunch

Our local No Frills supermarket had to close suddenly, for structural reasons*, but a shuttle bus takes shoppers to the No Frills on Carlaw … which just happens to be at the corner with a restaurant famous for its fine Caribbean food.


We split a really tasty Chicken Roti and a Jerk Pork Dinner with rice & peas and coleslaw. Glad we didn’t miss the barbecued pork chunks. Nice, relaxed atmosphere, helpful service and delicious cooking. The Real Jerk

* We asked other shuttle riders and the driver for rumours about when our closed No Frills might reopen. Looks like the original 10 months estimate was an optimistic dream. Best rumour: Underground ravine water needs to be dealt with before any reconstruction can start. That could mean a year to 18 months, just for permits, then the construction time on top of that.

We are going to be in a “food desert” for quite a while, it seems.

West Don Lands and Canary District

Which is it? West Don Lands or Canary District? Both. West Don Lands cover the bigger area and a housing development within it is called the Canary District.

Altogether, a fabulous new urban neighbourhood, beautifully planned. The public art has been curated as a collection, not treated as isolated objects chosen at the whim of developers and plunked down willy-nilly.

Help show the way

A new map is being developed to clarify routes through Toronto’s downtown PATH. It’s 30 km of underground tangle that the Guinness Book of Records as the largest underground shopping complex.


A survey will accept your suggestions for improvements. Here’s a detail of the new map so far.

path-topTop half of the 5 Minute Walk circle

As the weather turns, I expect to be using the PATH to get some of my 10,000 daily steps, so I have a selfish interest in not getting lost. Whole map image, here.

path-bottomBottom half of the 5 Minute Walk circle

Art that speaks to us

The giant bum by Anthea Hamilton is short-listed for the 2016 Turner Prize. I see it as modern art, because we can all relate to the way contemporary life sometimes makes us feel.


Does the title whine about high-priced help? “Can also be seen as the tradesman’s entrance“. Bend over. Here’s the plumber’s invoice.

Or is it a dig at class divisions? Probably the latter, since the original, unrealized concept by Gaetano Pesce was intended as a doorway into a New York apartment block. Classy.

We could say, “What do the Brits know? They just committed Brexit.” Fair point, but they are they not recognizing our time, our civilization, our standards and our comprehension? If we are not impressed with the fine art of our institutions and think other eras produced better stuff, what are we saying about ourselves?

Defective by design

I haven’t bought Hewlett-Packard products for over a decade, ever since I learned that they disable their expensive ink cartridges while they are still full of ink. There’s a built-in kill date. “Sabotage”, I thought. “Self-serving sabotage.”

Naturally, the savvy public found ways to use refills or reasonably priced, third-party cartridges. Did HP see its greedy mistake and reduce its gouging ink prices?

Not Hewlett-Packard.
HP outrages printer owners after it blocks the use of cheap ink cartridges by stealth

Want to send a message to HP’s CEO?

Toronto tourist day

I stopped my Lakeshore bike ride to see some new paint under the Gardiner Expressway, then noticed the blimp. World Cup Hockey, all over the Distillery District.

 Too much for a single slide show, so here’s another. I had coffee with Danica, who was in Windsor today. You’ll see …

 Canary District streets are open and ready for use. The bones of the neighbourhood are good. Maturing trees and new builds in expansive parking lots will only make it better.

The Cherry Street line loops behind the east side of the Distillery District and I saw one of the all-too-rare new streetcars on it today.